The certified school nurses in Delran Township Schools have a multitude of roles within the scope of their professional practice.  It is our mission to ensure students remain healthy and ready to learn.

  As school nurses we practice in a specialized area of nursing.  Our roles have become increasingly complex.  There are unique needs which each nurse must address in her own building.  Yet, our primary goal remains the same.  We seek to provide the necessary services to promote good health for our students.  We want to ensure that a student’s health concerns do not become obstacles for learning.  Therefore, we monitor individual student’s development.  We intervene when actual potential health problems develop.  We actively collaborate with our faculty, the child’s family, the medical community, and community resources.  We seek to provide a safe, caring and healthy environment.  Through one on one teaching we strive to enable the student to make intelligent choices about his/her health.

  While in school, basic nursing services provided to all students consists of taking part in a comprehensive health program which offers the following services:  scoliosis screening, periodic vision, hearing, height, weight and blood pressure screenings by the school nurse.  For any results that fall outside the range of set parameters, the student’s parent/guardian is contacted.  Medications are dispensed to students as per their physician’s orders. First Aid is given to students who have minor injuries.  Of course, parents are always contacted for emergencies or for any illnesses occurring in school.

Our goal is to works as partners in your child’s health and well-being.  We are your child’s health advocate while they are in school.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns.

Millbridge Elementary School:  Victoria Derlin, RN (856) 461-2900 x2316

Delran Intermediate School:  Michelle Sondeen, RN (856) 764-5100 x1806

Delran Middle School:  Linda Collazo, RN (856) 461-8822 x4006

Delran High School:  Faith Bowman, RN (856) 461-6100 x3011

District School Nurse:  Bridget Senick, RN 

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